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A rich heritage and modern farming methods meet at Rainbow Meadow Farms.  Quality Dorpers for progressive shepherds - we offer unbeatable performance!
Dorpers at Rainbow Meadow Farms
Little Dorpie and Dorpie, Rainbow Meadow Farms Dorper ewes
Dorper/Katahdin lambs with their Katahdin dams. We were amazed at the fast growth and increased muscling in these crossbred lambs.

We were seeking a way to not have to mow around our farm buildings every two weeks during the summer.  We did not want to use chemicals to manage the grass or added labor.  So, in 1996 we brought in ten Katahdin ewes.  The sheep proved to be a great addition to Rainbow Meadow Farms, allowing us tonot have to use herbicides in our pastures or around buildings.

We had read about the Dorpers and how muscular they were. My mother, Sandra Garner, decided to purchase one fullblood Dorper ram and ewe. Thus, we started out very small. Within eighteen months, we had recouped our initial investment and paid for putting up a lambing barn and fencing. We grew to love our sheep. The fast growth of the F1 Dorper/Katahdin lambs was very impressive, at nearly twice the rate of the fullblood Katahdin lambs. Our F1 cross ram lambs are going to market at 3-4 months weighing 70-90 lbs. This has proved profitable for us in that we have very little expense involved. These lambs have made it to 70-90 lbs on milk and grass only! 

Besides the development of the Rainbow Meadow Farms Dorper stud, our goal is to increase our pasture land to enable us to run 500 head of Katahdin and F1 Dorper/Katahdin ewes for market lamb production, using Dorper and White Dorper rams as terminal sires. There is a great ethnic and fine restaurant market on the east coast of the United States desiring those 70-90 lb lambs

Featured Rainbow Meadow Farms Dorpers
Stud Rams

RMF Tuscarora was studded as an elite Type 5 ram.  He has great depth of body, well muscled and has a perfect shedding coat.

RMF Carolina Hurricane has been studded as a Type 4 ram.  He is extremely muscular in both the inner and outer twist.  Hurricane is a great addition to the Rainbow Meadow Farms' stud.  His depth of body, muscling and type 5 shedding coat have qualified him as a foundation stud in our flock.  He is of Compion bloodlines.

RMF Contentnea has been studded as a Type 4 ram.  He has a well developed outer twist, great depth of body, good muscling and a type 5 shedding coat. RMF Contentnea is producing some outstanding lambs.  He has particularly been useful to us as a ewe maker.  He is of Compion bloodlines.

Stud Ewes

Dorpie was our first Dorper ewe. She is typical of Dorper ewes in that she is a great mother, a terrific producer, and healthy and easy to keep. Dorpie is Jordaan on both the sire and dam side. She has been studded as a Type 4 ewe.

RMF #857 "Laurel" is one of our top foundation Dorper ewes and has been studded as an elite Type 5 Dorper ewe.  She has been used in several embryo flushes and is a very fertile ewe.  She is a good milker and her lambs grow quite well.  Laurel has great  depth of body, a good top line and an ennobled head.

These mature F1 and F2 Dorper/Katahdin ewes are typical of Rainbow Meadow Farms' commercial Dorper ewes.  The ewes are real  moneymakers raising twins and triplets under rotational grazing conditions.  These ewes would be an asset to any sustainable meat flock.

A young fullblood Dorper ewe. Our Dorper ewe lambs are fast maturing and have had little trouble, even lambing as yearlings. This ewe is from Summa Dorpers, Jordaan, Grobbelaar, Ivor Phillips and Phillips and Roux bloodlines, as is most of our ewe flock.

RMF Indigo and RMF Peppermint are two stud quality Dorper ewe lambs that we are expecting great things from in the future.
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